dirsys - directory system

dragging GNU/Linux to Macintosh HD

dirsys makes it possible for GNU/Linux/Mac distributions to be completely contained within a directory. Installing such a system on a new computer is as easy as copying the system directory to the new computer's hard disk, repartitioning is not necessary.


Currently, dirsys is experimental software. It is not yet possible to just drag a directory to your hard disk and have a working GNU/Linux/Mac installation. What can be done already is to install GNU/Linux on the same partition as Mac OS 9/X, by installing dirsys from sources.

Source code

dirsys uses darcs for revision control. Use its client or a download tool such as wget --mirror to download the current dirsys development sources from here: http://dirsys.sf.net/dirsys/


The documentation is contained in the sources.

Martin Schaffner, 2005-01-02

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